What is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft is the art of living well in any natural environment.

Our ancient ancestors were the master Bushcrafters without even knowing it. From an early age they learnt which plants to use for food and medicine, how to create and control fire, what crafts could be created from the resources around them and how to 'read' the landscape and navigate through it using natural means. These and other skills enabled them to live well through all the passing seasons.

There are many great things about the age we live in but sadly our disconnection from the natural world and the wisdom of our ancestors has never been so acute. Bushcraft offers an opportunity to help redress this imbalance- to listen to the lessons of nature and to claim back a bit of the forgotten knowledge that is our birth right.

In short, the skills of Bushcraft are exciting and empowering- they show us the natural environment in a fresh and new way and offer a fascinating insight to our place within it.

You may have noticed that Survival skills and Nature awareness feature on the homepage. Survival is the bare essentials of bushcraft and integrates into most bushcraft teaching.

Nature awareness involves a deep tuning in to the rhythms of the natural world. It's not explored by many bushcrafters but it's an integral part of Down to Earth's approach- it underlies everything we do and share and, quite simply, is our motivation for doing all this in the first place.