Due to the opportunity to live in Finland for some time, Will is not offering a calendar of events for now. 8Thank you though for your interest and please join the mailing list or facebook page to be kept up to date.


Stop press! As a pilot trial, I am offering some free oportunities to be your online plant guide as you stroll along a local hedgerow, park, allotment or even just around your back garden – you might be surprised how much wild stuff is growing right under your feet!
This is an experiment to see how this way of guiding might work and what potential issues there are – hence I am offering the opportunity for free or just some honest feedback afterwards to see what worked or didn't work.
We would agree on a time beforehand, and then connect via Skype/ WhatsApp or Telegram and take up to an hour to explore the different plants that are local to you, chat about how to identify them and some of their edible/medicinal/bushcraft uses. I would then follow this up with an email outlining the plants that we looked at with some links for your further learning.
This would work with individuals and also with a small family etc. 

To avoid costly charges, it would be a good idea to check what your mobile-data allowance is, as you probably won’t be able to use wi-fi (it may be possible in your garden but please check).

Although my expertise is in the British countryside, much of it can be transferred to northern Europe and northern America – indeed I'll be doing this from Finland where I'm living for a while. Of course, with modern technology there are no real barriers.

If this sounds of interest or you'd like to know more please use the contact page.

 * Note on data: from my basic research, it seems 1 hour is going to use around 150 mb of data – this is when your app is set to ‘standard’ quality, which should be fine. Higher quality will use more. If you have a ‘lite’ version of Skype it will likely be a bit less. I prefer not to use Zoom as it seems to be more data hungry. I cannot be responsible for any charges from your mobile provider.